Kyōdō Protocol

Kyōdō Protocol Kyōdō Protocol

Every Invoice Tells a Story. Let Them Build Your Reputation

Kyōdō lets your clients tell your professional story while building your verified reputation effortlessly. Every paid invoice showcases your skills, earns you respect, and opens doors to the right opportunities.


Client-verified. Effortless reputation. One invoice at a time.

How it works

  • Import your data

    Connect Your Work

    Community establishment

    Import your previous invoices (Stripe, Quickbooks, etc) and online profiles (GitHub, Upwork, Linkedin, etc.) to seamlessly connect your professional activity to Kyōdō.

  • Issue free payable invoices

    Get Paid with Trust

    Member participation

    Issue secure invoices for free within Kyōdō and accept payments in major satable coins. Every verified transaction strengthens your reputation and skills.

  • Client reviews

    Earn Client Kudos

    Payment processing

    Everytime your client pays your invoice, Kyōdō encourages them to leave NPS and feedback, adding valuable social proof to your Kyōdō profile. .

  • Effortless reputation building

    Showcase Your Skills

    Validating experience

    Build a curated and effortless reputation highlighting your most impactful skills, customers and client endorsements. Let your work speak for itself.

  • Community benefits

    Network with Ease

    Community benefits

    Connect and referral like-minded professionals and be found by potential clients within the Kyōdō community. Expand your reach and unlock new opportunities.

  • Unlock new opportunities

    Reap the Rewards

    DAO Participation

    Land dream jobs, command fair compensation, and attract better opportunities – all powered by your Kyōdō-verified reputation.


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Write Your Success Story, One Invoice at a Time

Kyōdō transforms your invoices into powerful narratives of your skills and impact.Every paid project becomes a verified chapter in your professional saga, attracting ideal clients, unlocking fair compensation, and building a reputation that speaks volumes.

Here's how your invoices become your storytellers:

  • Effortless Invoice Management: Generate free and secure invoices, simplifying cross-border payments and financial control.

  • Be paid in stablecoins in all major chains: We support payments in USDC, USDT, BUSD and DAI.

  • Transparent Reputation Metrics: Each paid invoice builds your verifiable track record, showcasing your expertise and valuable skills.

  • Integrate with Existing Tools: Seamlessly import data from Stripe, Quickbooks, and other platforms to accelerate reputation building.

Forget online personas and self-promotion. Let your work tell your story, and watch your Kyōdō profile become a magnet for success.

Professional Professional


Earn Trust, Unlock Opportunity

Beyond the superficial game of online popularity, Kyōdō values your real work. Build a genuine reputation powered by earned trust, not inflated follower counts.

Here's how Kyōdō elevates your reputation:

  • Client-Verified Trust: Every satisfied client becomes a co-author in your story, adding valuable testimonials and endorsements.

  • Automated Net Promoter Score: Get real-time feedback from clients when they pay you, adding credibility and depth to your reputation.and client satisfaction.

  • Dedicated Reputation Page: Showcase your expertise, skills, and client feedback in one centralized, professional space.

Leave the inflated online personas behind. Kyōdō builds a reputation that speaks for itself, opening doors to the opportunities you deserve.

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Your Financial Hub, Powered by Trust

The Kyōdō Wallet is more than just a multichain wallet; it's your financial command center.

  • Seamless DeFi Integration: Invest, borrow, lend, and earn like a pro with instant access to top DeFi protocols.

  • Frictionless Salary Flexibility: Control your finances with automated rules, and enjoy instant off-ramping for real-world use.

  • Exclusive Financial Products: Access credit and debit cards powered by your Kyōdō reputation, granting you the freedom to build your dream studio or simply live on your terms.

Kyōdō simplifies the complexities of web3 finances. Stop juggling multiple platforms and missing out on DeFi opportunities, we connect you with best-in-class platforms all under one roof.

Every Invoice Tells a Story. Let Clients Build Your Verified Reputation with Kyōdō.

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